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Should I Buy a Vehicle from this Model Year or Last

Should I Buy a Vehicle from this Model Year or Last in Clinton, SC

New models are released by the manufacturer throughout the year, but most arrive during late summer or fall. Because of this, manufacturers try to sell the current year's models before offering the latest models. Whenever the new year's models arrive, the result is a surplus of year-end models. This is a prime time to shop for a car since dealers want to sell the older models as soon as possible.

However, this isn't the best choice for everyone. Below, we've highlighted a few things to consider when shopping for a new vehicle at end of model year.

End-of-Model-Year Vehicles Are Priced to Move

The obvious reason to buy a year-end model is all the incredible offers available. Some of the best deals of the year can be found during the end of model year. Incentives are not hard to come by, whether it’s 0% financing or cash back options. Financially, this may be the best time to find your next ride.

Consider How Long You Plan to Own the Vehicle

If you plan on driving your vehicle for just a few years, buying a year-end model may not be the best choice for you. In this case, it's probably better to purchase the newest version due to its increased trade-in value in the short term. However, if you plan on keeping the vehicle for five or more years, the difference in value won't matter, and you should seriously consider the end-of-model-year vehicle.

When Only the Latest and Greatest Will Do

Whether you prefer cutting-edge technology or an improvement in engine performance, you may want the newest model. While you can find great savings on this year’s model, there’s a chance the newer model is superior when comparing the two vehicles side by side. However, this is not always the case since some vehicles change very little from one year to the next, and any variation may be subtle. Talk to the sales professionals at Cooper Motor Company to determine what has changed, and then decide if those changes are significant to you.


If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of buying a vehicle at end of model year, visit Cooper Motor Company at 305 E Main St., Clinton, SC 29325. We have a large selection of this year’s models, as well as next year’s models, on our lot. And if you’re in Clinton, Laurens and Fountain Inn, we can help you choose the perfect brand-new vehicle for your lifestyle.

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