If you think that the Dodge Charger police car is intimidating, you surely will cry after hearing this piece of information we've got for you.

Ram will be developing a Special Services Pickup Truck for the police and this Special Services Police Truck will be the only truck present offered by any auto maker for the modern law enforcement agencies.

The Ram Special Services Police Truck will be developed on the Ram 1500 Crew Cab 4 x 4, and in order to support the electronic equipments such as computers, lights, affixation points for hummer-proof door inserts the Special Services Police Pickup Truck will be fitted with a 220 amp alternator. The power for the Special Services Police Pickup Truck will come from a 5.7-ltr HEMI V8 engine generating 390 bhp of maximum power.

The Ram Special Services Police Pickup Truck also has an incredible towing rating of 10,000 lbs; hence you could bring the police boat and horses by for the ride. This truck can also be had with engage RamBox entrepot sections on the bed side, which could be equipped with mounts for fishing poles or guns.

In addition to the police department, the additional functionality of the truck makes it ideally suited for other agencies likes emergency services, fire departments, or even at airports, where the its blend of equipment and people carrying spec in addition to the incredible all-weather and off-road ability can not be meet by a lot of the other vehicles.

Certainly, the "Special Services" in the name ensures that the vehicle is not betrothed to be used for hunt, and hence you could breathe a tad easygoing if in the future you see one in your rear view mirror on the main road.

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