How To Prepare For A Road Trip

How to Prepare For a Road Trip

If you’ve ever planned a family vacation, you know how important it is to prepare your vehicle for the road. Extended road trips — even just weekend getaways — require careful planning. That’s why we’ve created two checklists to keep in mind before starting your travels so that your vehicle (and you!) will be able to handle the added miles. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind that you’ve done everything you could to have a relaxing, delightful time with family or friends. Look over these lists and have safe travels!

How to Prepare Your Car

Have a mechanic look over your car
1. Have a mechanic look over your car.

Getting your vehicle inspected by someone trustworthy (like the service technicians at our service center) is one of the best things you can do to prepare for a road trip. Ensuring that your vehicle has no hidden problems can make your travels smooth and stress-free. Ask for a multi-point inspection, which will cover your brakes, battery and fluid levels. We even recommend getting your oil changed, too.

Inspect your tires
2. Inspect your tires.

And fill them with the correct poundage of air, if needed. Use the penny method to check your tires’ tread, or if you’re unsure, ask our service technicians for help. If it’s getting close to when you need to replace your tires anyway, go ahead and order them. The age and health of the wheels that will carry you, your family and luggage are a big deal since they affect the stopping power needed to avoid accidents and pedestrians.

Inspect your tires
3. Don't overload your vehicle.

Try not to overstuff your vehicle with luggage since a heavy load will have a noticeable strain on your car’s handling. Plus, the gas mileage will be affected since it has more to carry. You’ll also want ideal visibility in your rearview mirror, and too many stacked bags could block your view. (And hey, if you find that your vehicle doesn’t have the cargo space you need, why not browse our new inventory for a roommier model?)

How To Prepare Yourself

Have a mechanic look over your car
1. Charge your devices.

Don’t forget! Charge your devices the night before for a battery that can last the whole day if needed. Bring your car charger along for the ride, too, in case you have a long drive that prevents you from stopping. Navigation and placing emergency calls are two must-haves when travelling on roads with little to no signal, and a dead battery just isn’t helpful.

Inspect your tires
2. Bring plenty of supplies.

Your emergency supply kit should be stocked with a flashlight and batteries, blankets or an extra jacket and a couple of bottles of water. Ensure that your first aid kit has up-to-date medications and supplies, your jumper cables work and your spare tire is in good condition.

Inspect your tires
3. Bring snacks and coffee.

Caffeine is especially important for early-morning starts or late-night travels. If not coffee, consider bringing tea, energy or soft drinks or even chocolate along for the ride. Snacks, music and fresh air will help with drowsiness or boredom, two dangerous feelings a driver will need to fight in order to stay alert.

Inspect your tires
4. Bring a GPS.

Without data or WiFi, your devices won’t be much help. A GPS on the other hand, doesn’t need the internet to provide accurate navigation, so connecting the GPS as a backup will be uber-convenient.

Inspect your tires
5. Stay safe.

Travel with friends or family, if possible, and never text and drive. Pay close attention to local and state speed limits so your trip remains as uneventful as possible.

If you need your vehicle inspected or repaired before taking a grand family vacation, come see us at Cooper Motor Company at 305 E Main St., Clinton, SC 29325. We look forward to serving our customers from Laurens, Newberry, Greenwood and Fountain Inn.