10 Things to Know about Collision Repair in Chamblee, GA

Quite often, drivers in the market for another vehicle have a vehicle to trade in. Here at Cooper Motor Company, we want to make the trade-in process easy. That's why we want you to understand how we value your trade. To learn what you need to do before bringing your vehicle to us and how we value your trade-in, keep reading.

Your Vehicle’s Condition

The less work that needs to be done on your vehicle to make it fit to sell (such as repairs, cleaning, paint, etc.), the more value it has. Before you bring your car in, you should detail it or at least wash and vacuum it. Consider fixing any scratches or other minor flaws, since doing so will make your vehicle look its best and add more value.

Our Current Inventory

The value of your vehicle to us is based on what vehicles we currently have in our inventory. For example, if there are a surplus of similar vehicles, we won't be able to offer a higher trade-in price. But if we believe your vehicle has a strong chance of selling, then we're more likely to offer a higher price.

So why trade-in your vehicle?

You might now be wondering why you should trade in your vehicle with us, rather than trading it in to another dealership or trying to sell it yourself. The best reason to bring your vehicle to us is that it's much easier than trying to sell it on your own. Trying to plan test drives and inspections, communicating with potential buyers and taking time out of your schedule can be overwhelming for a lot of people.

For further questions about trading in your vehicle, give us a call or drop by Cooper Motor Company at 305 E Main St., Clinton, SC 29325. We look forward to serving our customers from Laurens and Fountain Inn!